My obsession with A.C. The crush continues

What do you want me to call you? I could call you A.C., babe, daddy, babe, bae., or some other name? I want to tell you more, but you are not around. I want to tell you everything, just like you told me that I should. I hope that you and your family are doingContinue reading “My obsession with A.C. The crush continues”

My obsession with a cute and undateable boy, 2.

I miss you; I want to air kiss you. You’re my favorite babe. I always want you to miss me. You feel so good. You don’t want to be with me the way I want to be with you. I know you’re my number one, with you I have so much fun. Sometimes I wishContinue reading “My obsession with a cute and undateable boy, 2.”

Cigarettes & Bipolar

Yea Yeah McDevitt.Melissa is still smoking February 22, 2020 I love cigarettes. I can’t stress it enough how I love them. I feel frustrated that I cannot seem to shake this dirty habit. I believe that I’m all messed up today. I don’t know why? I feel I have had emotionally abused as a smallContinue reading “Cigarettes & Bipolar”