My obsession with A.C. a cute and undateable boy.

A.C. is a boy who refuses to date anyone. Sometimes I feel like we’re dating and we’re not. I generally prefer casual relationships or opened ones but he’s getting to me on how he doesn’t want any level of commitment. Here is one Text message to A.C.: Sometimes I think I’m more Lesbian than straight.Continue reading “My obsession with A.C. a cute and undateable boy.”

Cigarettes & Bipolar

Yea Yeah McDevitt.Melissa is still smoking February 22, 2020 I love cigarettes. I can’t stress it enough how I love them. I feel frustrated that I cannot seem to shake this dirty habit. I believe that I’m all messed up today. I don’t know why? I feel I have had emotionally abused as a smallContinue reading “Cigarettes & Bipolar”

A Cigarette Addiction

By Melissa McDevitt (My first day on WordPress) I’m trying desperately to quit smoking cigarettes. Day one on realizing I need to quit. This blog will start with my journey with my addiction. I’ve been a casual smoke since age Eighteen. Since age twenty, I became a half a pack or more smoker. I amContinue reading “A Cigarette Addiction”