Mess, distressed

An original poem by Melissa McDevitt Mess, distressed I’m a mess I am feeling drugged, I was never a thug. Where is the loved, This schizoaffective? Like another collective. Distressed, not a mess. It’s just now I’m depressed. I don’t like tons of Abilify I wish I could dignify, Reality is not a game, NotContinue reading “Mess, distressed”

My obsession with A.C. The crush continues

What do you want me to call you? I could call you A.C., babe, daddy, babe, bae., or some other name? I want to tell you more, but you are not around. I want to tell you everything, just like you told me that I should. I hope that you and your family are doingContinue reading “My obsession with A.C. The crush continues”

Bipolar disorder with mania

Bipolar disorder is one type of mental illness. I’m not going to pretend that I’m an expert about everyone with Bipolar disorder because I’m not. All I know is how my mental illness relates to myself. I want to read the DSM-5 so I can become more than a little average person’s understanding. To myContinue reading “Bipolar disorder with mania”

Cigarettes & Bipolar

Yea Yeah McDevitt.Melissa is still smoking February 22, 2020 I love cigarettes. I can’t stress it enough how I love them. I feel frustrated that I cannot seem to shake this dirty habit. I believe that I’m all messed up today. I don’t know why? I feel I have had emotionally abused as a smallContinue reading “Cigarettes & Bipolar”

A New and Honest Me Hopefully Soon Smoke-Free New Year Resolutions & My Own Mental Health

Me at the Gym looking tired. Does anyone have the resolution to quit a dirty habit, and there are limited resources out there to help? I feel that is the case with my cigarette addiction. Could someone please leave information about hypnotism or a quit smoking group in New York? I’m going to leave myContinue reading “A New and Honest Me Hopefully Soon Smoke-Free New Year Resolutions & My Own Mental Health”