My obsession with A.C. The crush continues

What do you want me to call you? I could call you A.C., babe, daddy, babe, bae., or some other name? I want to tell you more, but you are not around. I want to tell you everything, just like you told me that I should. I hope that you and your family are doingContinue reading “My obsession with A.C. The crush continues”

A New and Honest Me Hopefully Soon Smoke-Free New Year Resolutions & My Own Mental Health

Me at the Gym looking tired. Does anyone have the resolution to quit a dirty habit, and there are limited resources out there to help? I feel that is the case with my cigarette addiction. Could someone please leave information about hypnotism or a quit smoking group in New York? I’m going to leave myContinue reading “A New and Honest Me Hopefully Soon Smoke-Free New Year Resolutions & My Own Mental Health”

A Cigarette Addiction Day Four Through Eight.

Day four when I made a decision to rip up a cigarette that I found. On day four, I was talking to a friendly male I was talking to dropped this cigarette on the ground. The man offered me a cigarette. I told him that I quit smoking cigarettes. I took that cigarette off theContinue reading “A Cigarette Addiction Day Four Through Eight.”

A Cigarette Addiction Day two

By Melissa McDevitt I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving & Black Friday! This is day two of me attempting to quit smoking cigarettes. Today I didn’t get many cravings. So far today, I’ve had three cigarettes. I’m praying that soon I won’t need to blog about me smoking cigarettes and trying to quit.Continue reading “A Cigarette Addiction Day two”