Trans man & McDevitt

@JayLaird88’s broadcast: Where my ppl at! Call in! Trans guy ask me anything or hang out drinkin smokin and stuff. Deploying soon maybe. Shirt off. ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ

My obsession with A.C. The crush continues

What do you want me to call you? I could call you A.C., babe, daddy, babe, bae., or some other name? I want to tell you more, but you are not around. I want to tell you everything, just like you told me that I should. I hope that you and your family are doingContinue reading “My obsession with A.C. The crush continues”

A New and Honest Me Hopefully Soon Smoke-Free New Year Resolutions & My Own Mental Health

Me at the Gym looking tired. Does anyone have the resolution to quit a dirty habit, and there are limited resources out there to help? I feel that is the case with my cigarette addiction. Could someone please leave information about hypnotism or a quit smoking group in New York? Iโ€™m going to leave myContinue reading “A New and Honest Me Hopefully Soon Smoke-Free New Year Resolutions & My Own Mental Health”

A Cigarette Addiction Day Four Through Eight.

Day four when I made a decision to rip up a cigarette that I found. On day four, I was talking to a friendly male I was talking to dropped this cigarette on the ground. The man offered me a cigarette. I told him that I quit smoking cigarettes. I took that cigarette off theContinue reading “A Cigarette Addiction Day Four Through Eight.”

A Cigarette Addiction Day three

By Melissa McDevitt Having my last cigarette and tea in the morning. Enjoying my last cigarette becaue it was the only thing left to do! This is my last day of smoking cigarettes. I only smoked one today at 3:00 pm. I’m not going to buy anymore. It’s sad, like losing a best friend. AContinue reading “A Cigarette Addiction Day three”

A Cigarette Addiction Day two

By Melissa McDevitt I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving & Black Friday! This is day two of me attempting to quit smoking cigarettes. Today I didnโ€™t get many cravings. So far today, Iโ€™ve had three cigarettes. Iโ€™m praying that soon I wonโ€™t need to blog about me smoking cigarettes and trying to quit.Continue reading “A Cigarette Addiction Day two”

A Cigarette Addiction

By Melissa McDevitt (My first day on WordPress) I’m trying desperately to quit smoking cigarettes. Day one on realizing I need to quit. This blog will start with my journey with my addiction. I’ve been a casual smoke since age Eighteen. Since age twenty, I became a half a pack or more smoker. I amContinue reading “A Cigarette Addiction”