My thoughtful obsession with A.C. a cute and undateable boy. 1

I miss you; I want to air kiss you. You’re my favorite, babe. I always want you to miss me. You feel so good. You don’t want to be with me the way I want to be with you. I know you’re my number one, with you and I have so much fun. Sometimes I wish we could have a son, a little golden child. I don’t actually, but he would be so cute & cuddly. How could a small child be conceived? He always wears the glove. I don’t want to have his baby. Sometimes my maternal instinct makes me want to have a baby, but I’m entirely against it in almost every way. Sometimes I believe that my biological clock is ticking, I know its not but I feel that way.

I was using the term loosely writing boy when he’s a nice looking man. He does look well for his age, a man by definition. Sometimes I think I’m way too old to have friends with benefits with anyone. I fall into the category a lot since I lost my virginity, which was age twenty. It’s sad to know that I’ve had two real boyfriends my entire life as well as two real girlfriends. I’m probably better off just dating women. Women seem to be so graceful and beautiful in comparison to men. I can’t imagine being with a woman because I never was with one.

Published by McDevitt Melissa

I never know how to answer this question completely. I'm am asking me anything type of woman. I'm honest, sincere, and have a great sense of humor of all kinds, dry, dirty, sick, even warped at times. Very few things offend me, including dirty jokes. I have a high emotional EQ from what I've heard and know about me. On the negative side, I'm a bit moody and, at times, but become hyperactive or sad. Oh well, things happen, but I won't change. Love you, goodbye.

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