A Cigarette Addiction Day two

By Melissa McDevitt

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving & Black Friday!

This is day two of me attempting to quit smoking cigarettes. Today I didn’t get many cravings. So far today, I’ve had three cigarettes. I’m praying that soon I won’t need to blog about me smoking cigarettes and trying to quit. Because I want to be blogging about the good things in my life, and not the cigarettes that overshadow all the good things in my life. The idea is with me if I want a smoke, I need a cigarette right at that moment or close to it. I don’t need a cigarette, of course, but the anxiety will make me feel horrible inside if I don’t get one.

The reason that I only smoked three cigarettes today was that my mother came up from the South with my stepdad, and I spend the day with them. We had a wonderful time seeing the Mr. Rodgers movie called “A beautiful day in the neighborhood,” of course. I’m no critic, but I believe that they should have called the film, “Mr. Rodgers.” It doesn’t matter what I think because the movie has already made 4.5 Million dollars as of the 21st of November according to Forbes online.

It was great seeing my mom is that she’s so far away from living in the South. I love my mom, and I know she loves me. I wish I could see them more. My sister is also down in the south. I love being in New York, and I don’t want to be anywhere else, but I want to live without my addiction.

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Published by McDevitt Melissa

I never know how to answer this question completely. I'm am asking me anything type of woman. I'm honest, sincere, and have a great sense of humor of all kinds, dry, dirty, sick, even warped at times. Very few things offend me, including dirty jokes. I have a high emotional EQ from what I've heard and know about me. On the negative side, I'm a bit moody and, at times, but become hyperactive or sad. Oh well, things happen, but I won't change. Love you, goodbye.

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