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A slang word that never caught on much. 

Untextable or untextables is a text message that an individual one deems to be unacceptable to send out to another person or a group of people. The text message may go out for many reasons. That one individual may be too emotional to send out some examples include; nervous, sad, scared, or angry to send the text message. Or even that the text was even too inappropriate for any reason. The plural is untextables.

Urban Dictionary defines untextable as:

Definition 1: TOP DEFINITION


Unable to carry on a meaningful conversation via text messages. Doesn’t promptly reply to text messages or doesn’t text at all.

You can never get him to respond to a text, just call him. He’s untextable.

by Shannon’s daughter December 10, 2012’m sharing this because

I would like to share some untextables messages tomorrow

Here is one untextable messages tomorrow.

Living the life of a bipolar woman.

Josh Michaels is a fantastic music artist all-around great person. I talked with Josh a few minutes ago, and then he asked me to write something for my webpage.

Josh become a leader for the LGBTQ community as written in an editorial by Billboard as a new Indie Artist. He does not choose not to put labels on himself in terms of his identity.

Josh hopes to have his music change the world in a very positive way. He wants to make an incredible impact on the world through his music. Josh has told me he looks forward to the day he can help those “in need” after achieving his goals. He is in awe of the LGBTQ community and takes a special interest in them.

Josh lives in Beverly Hills, California, in what he calls his humble apartment. Besides making and singing great music, Josh loves to spend time with family and friends and going for walks. He looks forward to the day the COVID-19 is over so he can go to the movie. Also visit beloved friends in New York and, hopefully, travel around the world.

I have to say He’s never looked so good right now. Here is Josh Michaels took some embarrassing photos. I’m sorry, Josh, I had to add these. I had to do it, do you forgive me? I believe he will asa being one of my best friends.

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