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Hey, this blog is currently dedicated to my cigarette addiction. Cigarettes, I simply love them. I know why I love them too. The reasons I love smoking them may be different that other people’s. I can’t help it they are just that good, I know I have to quit. I just don’t know when. Since I’ve started this blog it will hopefully bring my addiction to life for me and hear from you to discuss your troubles with quiting or the success of quitting them.

I’ve been using positive thinking as well, in order for me to quit those nasty cigarettes. I’ve also been out of practice with my breathing exercises and meditation.

I hope this blog will help you as much as it’s helping me.

A New and Honest Me Hopefully Soon Smoke-Free New Year Resolutions & My Own Mental Health

Me at the Gym looking tired. Does anyone have the resolution to quit a dirty habit, and there are limited resources out there to help? I feel that is the case with my cigarette addiction. Could someone please leave information about hypnotism or a quit smoking group in New York? I’m going to leave myContinue reading “A New and Honest Me Hopefully Soon Smoke-Free New Year Resolutions & My Own Mental Health”

A Cigarette Addiction

By Melissa McDevitt (My first day on WordPress) I’m trying desperately to quit smoking cigarettes. Day one on realizing I need to quit. This blog will start with my journey with my addiction. I’ve been a casual smoke since age Eighteen. Since age twenty, I became a half a pack or more smoker. I amContinue reading “A Cigarette Addiction”

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